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Public Health Congress 2019, Milan, Italy is about the recent discoveries and advances in ways to promote public health. The main theme is to improve the quality of life by prevention and treatment of diseases, including mental health through surveillance of cases and promotion of healthy behaviours, communities and environment. Most diseases are preventable through simple, non-medical methods. Public health and Nutrition plays an important role in disease preventing efforts in both the developed and developing countries through local health systems where larger parts of the developing countries remain plagued by preventable or treatable infectious diseases and also by poor maternal and child health. 
The ‘WHO’ identifies core functions including:

  •  Serve as an early warning system for impending public health emergencies. 
  • Articulating ethical and evidence-based policy options.
  • Monitoring the health situation and assessing health trends.
  • Setting norms and standards and promoting and monitoring their implementation.

So, Why Public Health now ?

Well, ones own well being can lead to the well being of the people around them and this applies similarly to the diseased condition of the same person/s. Diseases always seek ways to penetrate and jeopardize the lives of not only the person involved but also the people around him. This when extended to wide perspectives might imply that we all, in terms of health and well being, are connected and just don't quite grasp the depth of it's enormity and this conference is exactly what aims to bring that to life. In fact, public health must be an ever discussed topic with the quickly changing disease states and rapidly adopting techniques and technologies to combat them. 

Purpose of attending!

This Conference focuses on emerging health issues and non-communicable diseases and explores the developments in every aspect of public health, nutrition and research. Provides insight into immense knowledge on the researches and explores new technologies.

The conference mainly focuses on:  Public health, Public health nursing, Healthcare and hospital management, Public health nutrition, Global mental health, Maternal, infant and child health, Communicable diseases, Non-communicable diseases, Sexual and reproductive health, Occupational safety and health, Nutritional health, Adolescent health care, Environmental health, Disaster management and public health and Sustainable development goals in the perspective of public health improvisation. 


·           Noble laureates in Healthcare and medicine

·           Academicians

·           Dieticians

·           Public health professionals

·           Health professionals

·           Scientists

·           Research scholars

·           Policymakers

·           Research areas of Public health, Epidemiology and Nutrition

·           Associations, association presidents and professionals

·           Bio-informatics professionals

·           Manufacturing companies

·            Diagnostic companies

·           Business entrepreneurs


·         American Public Health Organization 

·         Association of Public Health Laboratories 

·         American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

·         Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

·         Association of Schools of Public Health

·         California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors

·         Caribbean Epidemiology Centre

·         The Carter Center

·         Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists

·         National Association of County and City Health Officials

·         National Association of Local Boards of Health

·         National Institutes of Health


·         Balchem Corporation

·         Bioplex Nutrition Inc.

·         Biothera

·         DSM Nutritional Products

·         Weider Nutrition International

·         USANA Health Sciences

·         Purity Products, Inc.

·         Martek Biosciences Corporation

·         Loders Croklaan

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