Nutritional Epidemiology

Nutritional Epidemiology Photo Nutritional Epidemiology is the study of disease transmission which deals with the observing at the part of nourishment in ethology of the condition, watching the nutritious status within the population and to preserve solid designs of great wellbeing among the society. It is a science which evokes the health status of the country by throwing light on the food and nutrition system implemented. It focuses on the issue of dietary needs of Population. Through the medium of nutrition, diseases can be prevented, an expectancy of life can be prolonged and even health can be promoted by the art of public health nutrition. The aim of public health nutritionists is to achieve good health and well-being by making healthier food and nutrition-related choices. Public health nutrition works on the total system not only to eradicate the specific disease but also to improve the overall wellbeing of the people of a nation

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