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Harinder Jaseja
Harinder Jaseja
consultant, Physiology
Vellore EEG Center

Dr Harinder Jaseja has worked as Professor in Physiology in G R Medical College, India and is presently consultant to Vellore EEG Center, Gwalior, India. He was ranked Second in Epilepsy Research in India in a 2013-published national neuroscience journal. He has discovered a novel target (pedunculopontine nucleus) for deep brain stimulation in intractable epilepsy and also designed an innovative approach to the selection of anterior thalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation parameters in intractable epilepsy that enhances its efficacy, success and expands its therapeutic spectrum. He has also published EEG-based novel guidelines for management of patients with cerebral palsy to improve their quality of life. He has published more than 75 international papers and is member of several editorial boards. In 2005, Dr Jaseja initiated a debate on the epileptogenic potential of Meditation. He has cautioned that meditation can under certain circumstances predispose its practitioner to epilepsy. This attracted wide criticism as meditation till 2005 was used as remedy for epilepsy even without knowing its mechanism of anti-epileptic property. Later, Dr Jaseja also published a paper on the anti-epileptic property of meditation at receptor level. Dr Jaseja has studied the effects of vagal nerve stimulation and has shown and claimed its efficacy in patients with CP, post which, CP has been include in the list of indications of VNS. Recently his work on VNS (Jaseja, H., "Vagal Nerve Stimulation Technique: Enhancing Its Efficacy and Acceptability by Augmentation with Auto Activation and Deactivation Mode of Operation," Medical Hypotheses, vol. 63, Issue 1, 2004, pp. 76-79) has been cited in Patent grant no. 2018-09-25 US10080895B2 Grant to Cyberonics Inc. Interestingly, he has shown that the Indian traditional application of Shoe-smell in Epilepsy has a sound scientific basis. In a small study, shoe smell was reported to posses beneficial effect (reduction in duration and severity) during an epileptic attack.

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